Call center software complete

We offer you a solution that has all the features you expect from a powerful telephony solution for customer service:

Your agents only work in the browser. No software to install and no extensive rollouts to coordinate with your IT.

No more phones on the desk. But only if you want it that way. Otherwise, any call can end up on a desk phone if you like it oldschool.

You want to route calls from France differently than from Spain. And the 6 p.m. announcement is supposed to be different than before. No problem with our comprehensive routing options.

Simply upload your audio file and integrate it directly into your callflow. Say what you have to say.

Queues can be annoying. Or they are made smart: with announcement of the current waiting time and direct acceptance of a callback request. Just do it with us in the future. Then it will also be good for your customers.

You use Zendesk, Freshdesk or Salesforce? Great! Then just keep up the good work and integrate our ACD into your system with a simple mouse click. With our plugIns you have the full power of a complete telephony solution directly in your helpdesk. Call acceptance directly in your tool, and ticket opening already during the call? No problem with our Cloud ACD.

You need to know what’s going on with you. And our real-time statistics will help you keep track. All key figures that are important to you at a glance, clearly and convincingly presented. 

Where other manufacturers offer their own software again, we also deliver a wallboard. With everything you would expect from a wallboard: Create your own parameterizations and views with a simple mouse click and display them clearly in the wallboard. With our Cloud ACD this is easy as pie.

For happier customers

Be faster

Your customers don't want to wait. And certainly not because technology doesn't offer the possibilities that are part and parcel of good telephone conversation these days. Offer intelligent callback options and let callers know how long they have to wait.

Be smarter

Have information at hand exactly when the call is accepted. You make sure that data is not stored somewhere, but where it is needed. Convince your customers by knowing in advance what it's all about.

Be nicer

You realize that today, professional and friendly customer service can be the decisive advantage in competing for tomorrow's customers. Make sure your employees have the tools they need.

Our whitepaper for better customer service and happier customers

Twelve pages of concentrated know-how for your call center processes. What can be done even better? Inform yourself now!

Software that looks good

We are of the opinion that the design of a software is decisive: The design is the basis for ergonomic and efficient working. If it also looks good in the end, so much the better.

We realize that thousands of people work with our tools every day. And they should enjoy working on our ACD. Joy comes when user interfaces are intuitive and recurring work processes can be carried out quickly and easily using the software.

We like it best when agents don’t even notice our software anymore, but simply do what their hearts are dying to do: deliver convincing customer service on the phone.

How about a free test? Just try out whether our Cloud ACD fits you and your challenges.

The most popular features of the telegra ACD

We let it ring everywhere:

Basically, our ACD works with any telephone system. This means that we can also “ring” any telephone. Whether it’s the desk phones on the desk, installed softphones on the desktop or mobile phones in the home office: agents can simply log on to our Cloud ACD with any phone number. But of course only if you want to. It’s also possible for you as administrator to specify certain phone numbers with which your colleagues can log in.

Integrated softphone:

Just as we can make any phone ring, we can also make your browser ring: The magic word is WebRTC. This technology allows your agents to call directly in our browser tool. What do you need? Nothing at all. Everything is already in the web interface of the telegra Cloud ACD. 

Routing by mouse click:

Our call center solution already has everything you need for effective and customer-friendly call routing. And that’s not all: All settings can be made easily and at the click of a mouse in our web-based interface and are effective in real time.

Examples of our routing functions:

With the routing engine of our ACD, even complex routing requirements can be implemented quickly and efficiently. Of course, we are happy to help you with advice and action and 20 years of experience when it comes to directing your calls to the right destination in the best possible way. Here is a selection of our routing modules:

  • Time-dependent routing (0-24h)
  • Day-dependent routing (Mon-Sun)
  • Date-Dependent Routing (Calendar)
  • Holiday routing (e.g. federal states)
  • Origin-dependent routing (related to the area code and / or the country code of the caller number)
  • Routing depending on call attempts (caller had call attempts in the last x minutes y)
  • Last Agent Routing (the system tries to route the caller to the last agent to talk to)
  • Skill routing (calls are routed based on available skills from specific agents)
  • CRM routing (routing rules that apply based on entries in the CRM system – for example, routing by customer value)
  • List routing (according to specific caller numbers entered on uploadable lists)

All routing modules can be combined within one callflow.


A separate tool for each task area

The tool for your agents: The WebAgent. Everything you need to deliver outstanding customer service on the phone. The entire control is done in the clear browser interface. Answer, forward and toggle calls. All information from your CRM or Helpdesk is displayed directly when you answer a call. At the same time, your people have everything in view that is important: What does it look like on the hotlines where I am registered? What do my personal KPIs look like? Your agents will love to work with the WebAgent of telegra ACD. 

Concentrated power for your team leaders: The WebCommander provides full control and effective working. Your team leaders can listen in, coach, take calls and place adhoc agents in other skill groups. The WebCommander alerts in risky situations, monitors the workload and is fully configurable with regard to individual thresholds and alarm types. Your team leaders will love the WebCommander!

Das Tool für Deine Agenten: Der Webagent. Alles was man brauch, um hervorragenden Kundenservice am Telefon abzuliefern. Die gesamte Steuerung erfolgt in der übersichtlichen Browseroberfläche. Anrufe annehmen, weiterleiten, makeln. Alle Infos aus Deinem CRM oder Helpdesk werden direkt bei Anrufannahme angezeigt.

Power-Telefonie für's Helpdesk

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Our ACD in combination with AI: Unbeatable!

For us artificial intelligence is not a slogan, but an extension of our ACD and can be used directly as a product: telegra KIT

telegra KIT works like Alexa or Siri. And directly on your hotline: KIT can help you automatically identify caller concerns, answer them yourself or forward them to the right person. 

In the future you would like to

  • Don’t bother your customers with old-fashioned menus anymore
  • Have standard questions (FAQs) answered automatically?
  • Give your agents more time to work on the important things?

Then let’s talk about telegra KIT. And don’t worry: KIT is not a sinfully expensive AI project with an uncertain outcome, but can be tested as a product directly from the cloud. We have activated your test account within a few minutes. And then you can simply try it out to see if KIT works for you and your hotline.

Our customers talk about the telegra Cloud ACD